About Us:

Bug-A-Way Pest Control, LLC is known for its ability to control and prevent insects including termites, ants, spiders, roaches, bed bugs, and mice. Bug-A-Way Pest Control was established in 1982. We are family owned and operated, and we are committed to our customers. We strive to maintain 100% customer satisfaction with both competitive pricing and top quality service. Combined, our technicians have over 90 years of experience in the pest control industry and all of our technicians are state licensed and insured to provide you with assurance that your home or business will receive the highest quality service.

Doug Hansen - Owner / Operator

Doug is the founder and owner of Bug-A-Way Pest Control, LLC. He is state certified and trained. With his 38 years of experience, Doug has extensive knowledge of the pest control industry and enjoys working with customers to solve their pest control problems.

Mel Hansen - Route Manager

Mel has worked for Bug-A-Way Pest Control, LLC since 2007. She enjoys working closely with her husband, and also looks forward to dealing extensively with customers. Mel specializes in office and route management.

Rorie Hansen - Technician

Rorie is state certified and has been in the pest control industry since 2006. His father is the founder of Bug-A-Way Pest Control, LLC. Therefore, Rorie has been around the pest control industry all his life and has extensive knowledge in the areas of pest management and prevention. Rorie enjoys working with his dad and is honored that he will get to continue the family business.

Wes Davis - Technician

Wes has been with Bug-A-Way Pest Control since 2012 and has lived in the Neosho area for over 30 years. Wes is state certified and specializes in termite and insect control. He enjoys working with customers to solve their pest control problems.

Jeff Fry - Technician

Jeff has worked in the pest control industry for over 8 yrs and specializes in customer relations. He enjoys taking care of homes and offices all across the Joplin area.

Paul Armstrong - Technician

Paul is our newest technician. He has lived in the Seneca area for over 35 years. Paul is trained extensively in insect control and thoroughly enjoys all his customers.

Austin Woodward - Office Manager

Austin joined Bug-A-Way in May of 2016 as the Office Manager. He and his girlfriend Courtney have been dating since February of 2016. Austin is involved with his church, and enjoys helping those who need it. He is excited about joining our team and learning all about bugs. Austin is actively helping us grow the business. Give him a call today and let him help solve your pesky problems.