Termite Awareness

As we move into warmer temperatures be on the lookout for termites in or around your home. When the ground temperature reaches approx. 70 degrees and usually after a rain, termite colonies send out their young queens to go and establish new colonies. Termites usually swarm only after the colony has been around 3+ years.

A lot of people mistake a termite swarm in their home for swarming ants and never give it a second thought. A close inspection by one of our trained technicians will be able to determine whether or not your home has termites. Please never hesitate to call us at 417-624-2999, our trained staff will be able to assist you in all of your pest control needs.

Bug-A-Way Pest Control: 6 Myths and Facts About Bed Bugs

Did you find bed bugs crawling on your bed? The more information you have, the higher the chances of finding the proper treatment to exterminate them. Here are 6 myths and facts about bed bugs: Click here to read our blog.


Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs. We are proud to introduce our state of the art form of heat treatment for bed bugs. Heat treatments are environmentally friendly and kill all live stages of the bed bug, including the egg. It is more cost effective and requires only one service versus multiple services with chemical treatments. We can treat a single room, entire house, or an apartment complex. Do-it-yourself bed bug treatments are ineffective in the fight against bed bugs. Call us for a free inspection and rate quote!

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Bug-A-Way Pest Control, LLC is known for its ability to control and prevent insects including termites, ants, spiders, roaches, bed bugs, and mice.

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