Prevalend Spider Species in the Fall

When fall weather conditions cause outdoor temperatures to drop, you may notice an increase of spiders on your property. Missouri is home to certain spider species that seem to be more active during the autumn season and may try to infiltrate your living space. If you find any of these spiders in your home this fall, you can always call Bug-A-Way Pest Control LLC to rid your home of these critters.

Here are some of the most common spider species that you may see in your home this fall.

Parasteatoda Tepidariorum

Also known as a common house spider, this species can be identified by its spots and stripes that are brown, tan, and cream in color. The legs of these spiders are long and narrow with dark joints. You may also find their brown and crumpled-looking egg sacs around your home.

Verrucosa Arenata (and Other Orb Weavers)

These typical orb weavers are often seen in wooded areas but can also seek shelter indoors. The Verrucosa Arenata’s triangular abdomen often looks like a yellow, white, or pink drop of flattened shiny glue. Females are typically larger than males and often measure around 9 millimeters in size. The Argiope aurantia, on the other hand, is often found in grassy or garden areas near homes. Its yellow and black patterned abdomen can be found throughout Missouri, where females can range from 19 to 28mm, while males are much smaller from 5 - 8mm in length.


Most people call them wolf spiders because they chase their prey down like wolves instead of spinning webs to catch their food. Even though their bites aren’t fatal to humans, wolf spiders can still be problematic in homes during the autumn. They often range in size from one-quarter of an inch to 1 inch and can sometimes be gray, black, or brown in color with some black or brown stripes.

As the autumn season sets in, spiders may start coming into your home to escape the colder outdoor temperatures. If you find any of these spiders in your home this fall, you can eliminate them from your living space by hiring a pest control company near you to take care of the problem.

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